Roy Allmond for Secretary of State 2014
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Welcome to the Roy Allmond

for Secretary of State 2014 Web site!

Thank you for checking out my Web site.

Yes, I was seriously a candidate.

Yes, I was on the June 3rd Primary ballot.

And, no, I am not crazy, although it can be said that I am nuts (Allmond, ha, ha).

Many thanks!
I am thankful for all of the support I had received.  Many a person had approached me, and proudly said that they had voted for me.  those words of encouragement meant a lot to me.

I will be very busy writing over 276 thousand thank you notes for all I had received.  Sadly I needed a million more votes, and if it were not for the lowest turnout in California history we might have made a change this election.  Maybe next time.

There is not a problem I cannot solve.  Even the low voter turnout.  While running, and receiving many complaints, I have thought about it, and have came up with solutions to many of the issues the next Secretary of State will face.  I could have been a very impressive Secretary of State.  Maybe the next Secretary of State will remove me from the black list, so I can get promoted, and then I could help them shine.
However, until then I have to get back to work for a living.  It will be without any regrets.  I can smile knowing that despite the media doing their darnedest to ignore me, I had garnered more votes than even my friends thought was possible.  All the while working full-time at the Secretary of State office, and helping my friends with their dreams.

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